Why We Begin the Ascent

My wife Melissa and I both have been blessed with some skill in caring for people's health, and we want to use those skills to bless others.  Over the past year we began looking for ways to do this together.  We were introduced to direct primary care and quickly saw the potential it holds to really come alongside patients in a more meaningful way, to guide them on that climb to better health.  As a doctor, I had increasing frustration with the traditional doctor-patient experience and how it seems to be under attack from outside forces, limiting the way patients can access their doctor, the way doctors can take care of their patients.  Outside demands were increasingly taking my time away from my patients.  This is not good care.  I wanted to do better for my patients.

So began our climb to building this practice for you.  This is patient-centered.  This is a true medical home.  We are a family business built to take care of families.  We want to change the medical experience, to make it more accessible, more affordable and more accountable for our patients.  You are the reason why we are doing this.  We chose the name Ascent because we love the idea of moving up to something better, but we realize that moving up to better health, changing your lifestyle and your position in life, is a challenge that requires perseverance.  We know this is true whether it means exercising, changing the way you eat, managing high blood pressure or diabetes, losing weight, improving you mental and spiritual health or kicking bad habits without looking back.  We want to be your guide and partner on this journey.  This is what family medicine is all about!

Life is a journey.  Health is a journey.  Often times improving our health is an upward climb.  We cannot reach a higher place without putting in the hard, heavy steps of that climb.  But when we reach the top, the view is spectacular!  We pray blessings upon our patients, not just in your health, but in your life as a whole.  Thank you for inspiring us to begin the Ascent!