Opening Day

Baseball is coming to a close, but it's opening day at Ascent Direct Primary Care!  It's also open enrollment time, a time when many are reassessing their health insurance options.  This is a great opportunity to look into direct primary care.  Direct primary care membership provides high quality primary care more efficiently and affordably, freeing you to step into lower premium, higher deductible insurance options or health care cost-sharing ministries.  Most often, the money saved by changing plans exceeds the cost of monthly membership at Ascent Direct Primary Care.

Not only do you save money, but many of the things we dread about going to the doctor disappear.  You might not miss waiting two to three weeks to get in to the doctor when you need to be seen, waiting for an hour once you finally get there, or spending your allotted five to ten minutes with the doctor, trying to convey your concern while he or she distractedly clicks away on the computer.  Will you miss the layers of communication you must pierce to reach your doctor or the lack of access after-hours?  Will life feel empty without attempting to decipher the explanation of benefits that adorn your mailbox?

How refreshing it will be to get in when you need to be seen, have access to your doctor, and spend less time waiting and more time with the doctor.  Unheard of to be able to reach your doctor after-hours.  How reassuring to know what you are paying for your healthcare.  

We are excited and honored to bring this kind of medical experience to our patients.  And we humbly thank the family, friends and strangers who have come alongside us in this endeavor, supported us, done the heavy-lifting, encouraged and prayed for us!

Bring yourself.  Bring your family.  We're open and ready to partner with you in moving upward to better health.  This is meaningful medicine.