Ascent is Turning 1!

Ascent Direct Primary Care is less than three weeks away from our first birthday!  What a year it has been!  It has been such a privilege to serve our patients!  We thank each one of our loyal patients and families for your support in our inaugural year.  We have seen and experienced some amazing things.  We have heard and enjoyed stories from our patients on how extraordinary and refreshing direct primary care has been for them - stories of time saved, time and care spent in appointments, costs saved and a level of care that is unexpected in this era.

We have seen the addition of new and exciting opportunities for patient healthcare, like Liberty Direct and our involvement as a Liberty Direct Premier Practice.  We are hearing of other expanding opportunities for direct primary care, as the movement gains traction across the nation.

We have some changes coming November 1st that we want to make our patients and prospective patients aware of.  Our introductory monthly rate of $39 per month per member will end on Nov. 1.  Members enrolling after 11/1/2016 will be at our regular rate of $49 per month per individual.  Their will also be an annual enrollment fee of $99 per member.  We will update the website with this new information soon.  

As a thank you to our loyal members who helped get us off the ground, you will be grandfathered in at your current rate, provided your membership does not lapse.  The annual enrollment fee will also be waived for members who stay current on their membership.  We will also continue to offer the introductory rate of $39 per month for anyone who signs up in October!  We will throw in a free flu shot for members who join the remainder of Oct.  (Missouri's first flu case of the season has already been reported!).  If you have been considering trying DPC and want to become a member of Ascent, now is a great time to do it!

Thank you again so much to the members who have made this journey through our first year of operation possible.  We pray for you and your families, for your health and blessings on your life, and we thank God for the blessings of this first year for Ascent Direct Primary care.  We look forward to another year entrusted with your care!